Texas Relocation Report: Texas is a domestic migration destination

More people are moving to Texas than moving out, according

to a report by the
Texas Association of Realtors and U-haul.


Texas Relocation Report says Texas is a domestic migration destination.

According to the report, T

exas had a net gain of about
10,300 households.



County was 18 out of all the counties in Texas for net gain households," said Cathy Bailey, regional vice president of the Texas Association of Realtors.

Randall County is also 21st in net gain of households from out of state. Potter County on the other hand, saw an overall net loss.



think when people are recruited here for
Bell Helicopter or for moving for whatever reason, they're more likely... anybody that's in a higher income range is more likely to live in Randall County than Potter," said P.J. Pronger, director of economic innovation.


ailey says that there are a few reasons that people are moving to texas.



vailable, affordable housing.
I think that's one of the reasons I think they are attracted. Plus, our job market, our economy is doing well across the state," Bailey said.


our other counties in texas were also ranked in the top twenty counties in the US for net growth of households.

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