Texas police officer arrested in connection to Sodus double homicide

Bron Bohlar is charged with conspiracy in connection to the murders of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn in Sodus on October 22, 2018. (Photo: Moore County Sheriff's Office)

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts said they have arrested a third person in connection to the deaths of a young couple in Sodus.

34-year-old Bron Bohlar, a police officer in Sunray, Texas, has been charged with conspiracy in the 2nd degree.

According to investigators, Bohlar was allegedly part of the conspiracy that led to the shooting deaths of Joshua Niles, 28, and Amber Niles, 24, on Oct. 22 outside their home in Sodus.

Bohlar is being held in Texas without bail awaiting extradition to Wayne County.

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The ex-girlfriend of one of the victims in a Sodus double homicide and her current husband have also been charged in connection to the deadly shooting.

Charlene Childers, Niles' ex-girlfriend, has also been charged with conspiracy. Her current husband, Timothy Dean is facing first and second degree murder charges. Investigators believe Dean, the former police chief in Sunray, Texas, pulled the trigger.

Dean is the former police chief in Sunray, the same department which now employs Bohlar.

Court documents state Bohlar talked with Childers and Dean about killing Niles while they were in the garage at Dean's house.

Bohlar is accused of helping Dean rent a vehicle to drive to New York with the intent of killing Niles. He allegedly put the rental vehicle in his name with the help of Childers.

According to court documents, Dean drove the rented vehicle from Texas to Kansas, where he got into a crash. Dean then rented a second car in Kansas and drove it to Sodus.

Childers is due in Wayne County Court Thursday.

Meantime, residents in the small Northeast Texas city of Sunray are shaken up.

"This deal going on right now are people that are not from here, they moved here, they kind of bring their problems here I guess," said Tony Andujo, "this is a good community, and I feel like we're getting a bad rap because of this."

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