Texas Panhandle 100 club giving donation to family of Texas Tech fallen officer

Officer Floyd East Jr., was fatally shot and killed Monday. The Texas Panhandle 100 Club is now giving a donation to help his family after the incident.

Hearts are still heavy, as a Texas Tech officer is gone too soon.

"In the face of tragedy, there are people that love you, and that care about you, and want to make sure you're supported in the best way possible," Dirk Swope, Executive Director of the '100 Club of the Texas Panhandle' said.

This is his message, he's sending on behalf of the '100 Club,' to the family of Officer Floyd East Jr., a husband and father of two girls.

"They have our backs, so we have a responsibility to have theirs," Swope said.

Time can be of the essence when an unexpected incident strikes.

"A lot of time when you deal with insurance, and you deal with the state, it can be a long time until assistance is readily available," Swope said.

Borger Fire Department Chief Bob Watson says the help from the '100 Club' nearly saved his life after spending weeks in the hospital suffering from fire wounds.

"When you're in the hospital that long, and you're three hours from home... it starts to add up pretty quick," Watson said.

He says the money took care of a lot, but there was more to it than just that.

"It's one thing when your friends help you or something, but when people you don't even know, actually care, it's just a humbling experience," Watson said.

Watson sympathizes with a fellow First Responder, and the toll his death may be taking on his family.

"I can't even imagine what they're going through," he said. "Of course he's in our thoughts and prayers, his family is [too]. That's just devastating."

Watson also supports the organization in letting the East Family know there are people that care.

"Money won't replace the officer with his family, but the funds [are] going to let the family know that they're not alone," he said.

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