Texas lawmaker wants to crack down on food stamp fraud by adding photo to Lone Star Card

Food Stamps (MGN Online / Clementine Gallot / CC BY 2.0)

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI) - A Texas lawmaker wants to crack down on fraud involving the state's food stamp program by adding a person's photo to their Lone Star Card.

Beaumont lawmaker Rep. Dade Phelan filed House Bill 1250 which calls for a food stamp recipient's name and photo to be added to their card.

Additionally, the bill would require the state's fraud hotline to be on the card.

Phelan's bill would exempt certain food stamp recipients, including people over the age of 65, younger than 19, people who are blind, disabled, homeless, as well as victims of domestic violence.

State officials would also be required to monitor how often recipients ask for replacement cards.

If approved by the Texas State Legislature, the bill would take effect on September 1, 2019.

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