Texas A&M Forest services sheds light on fire resource strategies

Texas A&M Forest services sheds light on fire resource strategies. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

The Texas A&M Forest Service crew in Amarillo is spending their off day reorganizing and cleaning fire battling equipment.

"It's very important, these pieces of equipment are not cheap, so we need to keep maintenance up on them," Resource Specialist, Logan Bucknam said.

Keeping up maintenance is critical when resources are shared so frequently throughout the state.

"I get calls for assistance from Fire Departments, County Judges, Emergency Management Coordinators," Service Regional Fire Coordinator, Cody Holloway said. "When they notify me of a fire and they're asking me to come help them with a fire, we send the closest resources."

TFS has a state map that breaks down each area and how resources are managed.

"We've got fire engines, we've got TIFMUS, which is Texas Interstate Fire Mutual Aid System," Holloway said.

The map shows an overall picture of what resources are where throughout the state on a daily basis.

"As you can see in Amarillo, we've got the aircraft, three seats [and] air attack," Holloway said.

This helps out tremendously during critical fire weather conditions.

"This last Thursday, we had several fires start all at one time," Holloway said.

In a situation like this, Holloway said that's when they begin to analyze where to move what.

"We've got to figure out the size of the fire, where it's moving and what it's going to impact not just right then, but several hours down the line," Holloway said.

And keeping their system up and running, Holloway said they'll always stay prepared, expecting what's to come.

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