Swisher Co. celebrates 127th birthday

Residents in Swisher County celebrate the county's 127th birthday. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

Residents in Swisher County are having a major celebration Friday and Saturday nights.

It is the county’s 127th birthday.

Vendors set up shop at MacKenzie Park in Tulia Friday afternoon as they prepared for a big birthday bash.

“It’s the birthday celebration of Swisher County,” said Tulia Chamber of Commerce Director, Happy Cole. “Swisher County was established 127 years ago. It's a celebration to celebrate our heritage. Of course, we have Happy, Tulia and Kress in Swisher County and we just feel like everybody needs to get together. It pulls the whole community together and it makes everybody really work together to pull something like this off.”

Three bands played Friday night starting at 7 p.m.

A fireworks show followed the concerts around 10 p.m.

“I have four daughters and they all like to come up here too and go to the picnic and parade and all the reunions,” said Tulia resident Brandy Hayhurst.

“They have bands and stuff and it's fun watching and food booths, so you get to eat and it’s fun because you get to hang out with your friends,” said Tulia resident Cierra Perkins.

The event moved from the Square to MacKenzie Park because of a complete renovation of the courthouse downtown.

But residents said they don’t think the move will affect party goers.

“I think in general with it in a different location, people still go for the same reason and they look forward to going every year, so i don't think it'll bother it at all,” said Hayhurst.

One of the biggest attractions is “Dip Fest”. It’s where folks of all ages can ride along Broadway Street, also known as Dip Street hitting all the drainage dips.

“Back in the day and I'm talking about my day and the days before that, kids got together and they just rode up and down dip street. They'd go a block and take a dip, go a block and go over a dip and it's amazing all the people coming in on their reunions, that's where they like to go,” said Cole.

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