Sunray schools reopen after two days of extensive cleaning

All three campuses at Sunray ISD reopen on Wednesday after undergoing extensive cleaning due to flu (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Students, teachers and staff at Sunray ISD are returning to school on Wednesday after the district had all three campuses closed for cleaning. Last week superintendent Marshall Harrison set a cut mark of 80 students. On average between 70 and 75 students a day were out sick because of the flu.

“The flu hit us hardest in Pre-K through fourth grade,” said Marshall Harrison, the superintendent of Sunray ISD.

The district has work crews from different companies come in and help disinfect the schools.

“We spray a mist on all the desks, chairs and underneath the desks and on the light switches and door handles because those are the most common touched areas,” said Larry Lopata, the regional sales manager for Miller Paper & Packaging. “Were using a product that’s less than one percent chlorine. If your using household bleach at home your looking at five and half to six percent bleach.”

Lopata tells ABC 7 News they use a recent invention called the Geneon to clean the schools.

“Kids touch everything and the nose, mouth and eyes are three areas where people get the flu,” said Lopata. “We disinfect and spray a mist on all contact surfaces. They’re actually killing the influenza strand in thirty seconds or less.”

“I think it’s really important that they sanitize the schools so that nobody else gets the flu,” said Clarissa McPherson, a parent. “We can hopefully get the attendance back up and start learning again.”

“We went in and disinfected everything,” said Harrison. “We had commercial industry come in and they spent eight to ten hours here and now we have same type of technology that we put in the hands of the custodial staff.”

Harrison tells ABC 7 News the district can apply for a low attendance waiver through the state to recoup funding lost from last week when more than 70 students a day were out sick. Other independent school districts in the Texas Panhandle to partner with Miller Paper & Packaging include Dumas ISD, Tulia ISD, Adrian ISD, Gruver ISD, Booker ISD, Panhandle ISD, Follett ISD, Sanford-Fritch ISD, Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips ISD, Friona ISD, Silverton ISD, Wheeler ISD, Wellington ISD, Shamrock ISD and Texline ISD.

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