Borger High School students walk for Diabetes

Students at Borger High School walk laps around the track before a storm moved in causing annual event to be cut short (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Seniors and juniors at Borger High School braved the weather to walk laps around the school’s track in an effort to raise money and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes Research. The upperclassmen hold an event in the spring called Borger’s Juvenile Research Foundation Day.

“The reason we put this event on is because students such as Keirstyn Powell has diabetes and my grandfather also had diabetes and passed away last month,” said Kenzie Garrett, senior at Borger H.S. “We put everything together in the weeks leading up to today’s event at Bulldog Stadium. We actually have more people than expected.”

Rain, thunder and lightning forced the students off the track which forced other activities to be cancelled.

The Class of 2017 was hoping to raise $6,000 and donate all proceeds to Juvenile Diabetes Research.

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