Students at Borger Junior High unveil Kindness Rocks Garden

A Kindness Rocks Garden is now on display at Borger Junior High designed to help uplift students and teachers (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Students at Borger Middle School can now be on the receiving end of an inspiring or uplifting message. Students in Art and Peak classes created a Kindness Rocks Garden. Each rock has a message painted on it designed to help a student overcome life’s challenges. The garden is on table in the school’s library.

“I think it puts a smile on my face because its making other people be happy and smile,” said Geraldine Medina, student at Borger Middle School. “I put that you can believe in yourself because sometimes you just need a message like that to make you smile.”

“Simple words like be kind or share a smile with other and stuff like that, we want to spread that kindness and inspiration,” said Jennifer Rosales, student at Borger Middle School.

The idea to create the garden came from teacher Rhea Ann Morrow. She read online in the summer how an inspiring message on a rock at a California beach prevented a lady from committing suicide.

“People are leaving messages all over beaches in California and elsewhere,” said Rhea Ann Morrow, art teacher. “We decided to do the same thing here at Borger Middle School. We are trying to uplift the kids within the school district.”

The 20-year teaching veteran tells ABC 7 News the new endeavor can help students, parents and the community.

“Passing messages or perhaps its will ease the tension in society,” said Morrow. Even if we start with children and it grows to the parents or perhaps it will ease life a little for everybody.”

Students are encouraged to pass on a rock with a message to fellow students the junior high and at Borger Intermediate School since the two schools share the same library. Each campus has around 400 students.

Morrow tells ABC 7 News she wishes the Kindness Rocks Garden catches on throughout the district and becomes a tradition.

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