Stores hiring part-time seasonal workers with holidays approaching

Stores hiring part-time seasonal workers as the holiday season approaches. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

"It's an extremely important year for our retailers," General Manager at Westgate Mall, Brian Giffin said. "We get busy, traffic picks up quite a bit, really starting about now."

Giffin says with more customers this time of year, retailers need all the help they can get.

"Part-time people are very important, and really what you see the most of," Giffin said. "They're able to maximize their coverage for busier times of the day."

Walking up and down the mall may be the best way to find out what stores are hiring.

"We've got 125 stores, so you don't have to walk too far to find someone hiring here," Giffin said.

JCPenney alone says they're looking to hire 60 seasonal part-timers.

"We really need somebody to get out there and talk to the customers, and what we call qualify them to find out what they need," JCPenney Store Manager, Mike Sanchez said.

Sanchez says there's a chance a part-time position may turn permanent, even after things slow down.

"Hours kind of cut down in January for us, but we do find that we probably keep anywhere between 10 to 15 percent [of part-time holiday employees]," Sanchez said.

Westgate Mall employee benefits may also help employees during a season that's expensive for most.

"There's a lot of discounts, so it could help spread your dollar a lot longer," Sanchez said.

This is a time of year folks may find spreading holiday cheer comes from helping others.

"It's a great time for us [because] retail is a fun, fast event," Sanchez said. "If you're still wanting something exciting, we're still looking for people as I'm sure most retailers are right now."

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