Police on scene of a standoff with the three escaped Clovis inmates

Clovis escapees. (File Photo)

UPDATE 7:00 p.m:

The Eastern New Mexico News confirmed that the escapees are now back in custody after the near three-hour standoff.


Officers responded to a standoff Tuesday with the three inmates who escaped from the jail in Clovis last Friday. The incident occurred at Dennis Chavez Park.

Three gunshots were heard Tuesday evening, where only an hour earlier, the area was surrounded by officers.

According to The Eastern New Mexico News, three women were rushed to a police vehicle to leave the scene. They had been talking with officers before the gunshots were heard.

The inmates - Victor Apodaca, Ricky Sena and Aaron Clark - walked away from the jail with apparent help from a detention officer.

At first, it was unclear who had fired the shots or where they went but officers remained at the scene after the shots.

This is a developing story and ABC 7 Amarillo will keep it updated as more information becomes available.

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