Severe storm damage leaves several without power in Pampa

Crews work to restore Pampa after severe storm damage to power lines.

Some say there's a sense of calm after a storm---but that's not the case in Pampa right now.

Things like fences, roofs and trees ripped a part, radio towers bent in half and other storm debris, has made for a busy day of restoring roads, homes and buildings.

"It was pretty intense. It was a little scary seeing things everywhere and no electricity," Pampa Holiday Inn Express General Manager, Sonia Garcia, said.

That was the first reaction she put into words, as the Holiday Inn Express was hit especially hard by the storm.

"When I was driving through here I saw a lot of trees bended," Garcia said. "We lost one of the trees in the entrance, and the power lines were down so I was hoping nobody got hurt, all the guests were OK, and my employees were OK," she said.

Everyone was OK, but the hotel building isn't. Earlier today it was completely dark with no power. Garcia said that'd be their situation until late tonight.

"You have no electricity, you have no internet, you have no phone plug ins, you have no hot water," Holiday Inn Express guest, Shane Naiser, said.

"We do have several guests," Garcia said. "We're trying to accommodate them the best we can, and we're trying our best to get everyone here satisfied and happy."

People in other areas throughout the town are experiencing a similar situation.

"Behind this unit that we're staying at right now, they say they have 110 poles still down, part of the main feeder," Naiser said.

Down the street at the Pampa Regional Medical Center, maintenance workers say their building has been running off an emergency generator since losing power last night.

Several maintenance crews, including Xcel Energy say they're doing all they can to get Pampa back to normal as quickly as possible.

According to Wes Reeves, of Xcel Energy Media Relations, around 6 this evening, 80 homes and businesses were still without power in the Pampa District. He said their goal was to having power back to the hospital by 8 p.m.

Reeves says they're working to have power back to all residents by midnight, or 1 p.m. Monday at the latest.

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