Several homeless people worried with Guyon Resource Center closing on weekends


    Homeless people seeking shelter and other basic needs, will now have one less place to do so on weekends.

    The Guyon Saunders Resource Center (GSRC), will be closed on weekends starting next week.

    This is the first time the center won't be open on weekends, since it opened 25 years ago, according to its board.

    Now, as weather fluctuates and temperatures drop, some said they're scared.

    On a cold, rainy day, some homeless Amarilloans depend on places like GSRC to say dry.

    Benjermin Craft, is one of the regulars at the center.

    “If it rains during the weekend, where are we supposed to go?," asked Craft. "You know, most of us don’t have a home.”

    He said he's devastated to hear he and others will have to find somewhere else to go now.

    “Sometimes they want to help you, but they’ll like turn their backs on you sometimes," said Craft.

    Choices are limited. ABC 7 asked Craft what his plan is now.

    “Don’t know....I don’t know," said craft choking back tears.

    The GSRC board said the center relies on grant funding and help from other agencies like United Way to operate. However, it said that isn't enough to pay utilities and staff.

    “I think that if more people were aware, perhaps we would have the funding to stay open on the weekends," said GSRC weekend security officer, Buck Mayden.

    Mayden said he feels a lack of awareness has led to some funding decreasing over the years.

    Otis Brown, another user of the center, said he's thankful for volunteers that do help the shelter.

    “You do have those who do bring food down here, I commend those for that," said Brown.

    But he said he wishes it were enough.

    “I’m a private person," said Brown. "I don’t like to ask for handouts or anything like that, but a lot of these people do need help.”

    The GSRC said it will be open when it gets really cold, and Code Blue Warming Stations are activated.

    Still, Craft and others spending the day in and out of the rain are worried for what the future holds.

    “We’re all family here, we all live here," said Craft. "You know, help us. Help us if you can.”

    ABC 7 asked the center if it would consider opening on weekends again, and was told more funds such as donations, and more volunteers would help.

    For now, Saturday the 20th, and Sunday the 21st will be the last weekend people can access the shelter on weekends.

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