Sentencing for Clovis library shooter begins

    <p>The sentencing hearing for Nathaniel Jouett, the shooter who killed two people on Aug. 28, 2017 by opening fire into the Clovis-Carver Library, was held in Clovis on Monday. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Drew Powell){/p}

    The sentencing hearing for Nathaniel Jouett, the shooter who killed two people on Aug. 28, 2017 by opening fire into the Clovis-Carver Library, was held in Clovis on Monday.

    Jouett, now 18, plead guilty to 30 charges, including two first-degree murder charges, on Oct. 2. He could face up a maximum of two life sentences plus 96 years.

    The prosecution began Monday's hearing by asking the judge to hand out the maximum sentence, which includes 30 years for both deceased victims, another three years for each victim injured during the shooting and an additional year for each victim.

    The prosecution first called Clovis Police Department Sergeant Travis Loomis, who described how police processed the crime scene. Second to take the stand was Crime Scene Investigator Ricky Smith, who also talked about how investigators processed the crime scene.

    Next, surveillance video from the library was played, showing the events of that fateful day. The video showed Jouett walk into the library and head to the men's room. He returned from the restroom with a bag, which he immediately dropped, and begin opening fire into the library. Jouett fired 14 rounds and hit five people.

    Once police arrived on scene, Jouett can be seen putting the gun down and complying with police commands.

    While the video was playing Jouett put his head down on the table and the spectators watching began crying.

    Following the surveillance video, the prosecution played another video in which Jouett confesses to the mass shooting and attempts to explain his actions. In the video, Jouett states that he acted alone, that he was "tired of being bullied," and that he had been molested by an unnamed person during his First, Second and Third Grade years.

    Also during the video, Jouett said that he became familiar with firearms through his dad, who taught him how to shoot. Jouett added that he was able to access the weapons because he was aware of the location of his father's keys to the gun safe.

    Finally, Jouett said in the video that during the time of the shooting he was mad, saying "I don't know, life sucks," when responding to a question of why he carried out the shooting. He also added that he didn't know why he chose the library.

    Next, first responders from the Clovis PD took the stand, stating that they treated the scene like a combat zone. They added that this event has disrupted the lives of the entire Clovis community and they also asked for Jouett to receive the maximum sentence.

    Then, six people connected to the victims took the stand and all asked the judge for the maximum sentence as well, after trying to express how this event has impacted their lives.

    According to the Eastern New Mexico News, Ninth Judicial District Attorney Andrea Reeb announced after the incident she would prosecute Jouett, then 16, as an adult. Taylor argued last year that Jouett be considered for an amenability hearing to consider alternative rehabilitation treatment in place of incarceration, but Hudson denied that motion.

    Both attorneys expect arguments before the judge will be complete before Thursday, at which time Hudson will consider his sentencing decision and make a ruling on Friday.

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