Seniors learn about volunteering at United Way's Day of Caring

Seniors in the Class of 2018 at Borger H.S. volunteer to help spruce up neighborhoods in the community and in Hutchinson County (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Seniors with the Class of 2018 at Borger High School, spent a couple hours on Friday volunteering. The annual United Way (Hutchinson County) Day of Caring for seniors afforded the students the opportunity to do community service projects. The students were split up into teams and worked on yard work and home repairs for residents who are elderly or handicapped.

“We are helping a lady who just lost her husband by putting up a fence and taking out the old fences,” said Kathya Simental, senior at Borger H.S. “We will put in some new flowers and make her yard look nice and work on her ceilings.”

“I’m tearing down a fence and we tore down a ramp at her house,” said Alana Hubbard, senior at Borger H.S. “We are building the fence back up and now were going to paint it.”

The students were tasked with completing various service projects that required them to put away their phones and electronic devices and instead wear gloves and get dirty by doing projects.

“We want to leave an impact on the community and show them that us teenagers we are caring and we don’t want to leave a bad image for them,” said Daniel Gonzales, senior at Borger H.S. “We want to show the people were helping that we know what we can do and we hope it leaves an impact on them.”

For homeowners to hire a professional crew to come in and do a lot of the work done today by students would cost a lot of money. The students volunteer so the manpower is free. Many of the students learned new things outside of the classroom they will have to do one day again in the future.

“The students are building decks, fences and ramps so their learning a lot of skills out there today,” said Joshua Smith, United Way (Hutchinson County) volunteer.

Many of the students were teamed up with students they don’t normally hang out with at school or during after school hours.

“It helps us get together because I’m here with a couple of classmates I really don’t hang out with,” said Isabelle Heredia, senior at Borger H.S. “I don’t talk to these students on a regular basis so it’s fun.”

“I’m actually with a group I don’t hang out with so I wanted to be with people I don’t really hang out with,” said Hubbard. “We have more than 204 seniors at sites volunteering by working at other different houses.”

The annual United Way (Hutchinson County) Day of Caring for adults and non-seniors is scheduled for June 9. Organizers had to change the date due to the turnaround taking place at the Phillips Refinery.

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