Senior Pool Player Challenges Pitt

The Amarillo Senior Citizens Association is like many non-profit groups in constant need for financial assistance. ASCA, and its activities center in downtown Amarillo, does not receive any federal funding, thus relying on the goodness of others remain in operation.

"It keeps guys like me off the streets and out of trouble," Don Sanders said jokingly. "I'm still surprised when I tell others about the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association and they've never heard of us."

Sanders spends many of his mornings and afternoons at the activities center playing pool. At 66, Sanders began his passion for playing pool at the age of 16. The retired construction worker offered a 9-ball competition for this week's Pitt's Sports Challenge. Although I had not played a competitive game of pool in years, I appreciated the challenge and quickly said yes.

I somehow made enough shots and took advantage of Don's occasional miss to squeak out a win in the first game. But the rules for 9-ball at the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association activities center stated the overall victor had to win three games. Bad news for me.

"I thought you had a great chance of winning after you took that first game," said Sanders. "I guess I was fortunate after that."

Sanders was far from fortunate. As a veteran of 50 years of pool playing, Sanders used his combination of knowledge and skill to run away with our 9-ball competition -- collecting the next three games for the Pitt's Sports Challenge win.

"We need to do this again," said Sanders. "I think you could be pretty good with a little practice."

I think I will have to take Mr. Sanders up on that one.

If you would like to help the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association in any way please visit their website at

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