Senator Udall in Tucumcari

Senator Tom Udall is touring the hospital in Tucumcari. Heâ??s spending three days in Eastern New Mexico to discuss economic development, agriculture and rural health issues. Dr. Dan C. Trigg Memorial has served the public almost five decades.

The hospital has played a major role in Tucumcariâ??s economy and in the lives of Quay County residents.

Patsy Gresham of the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce says, "We have some needs related to remodeling of the hospital and bringing more medical professionals to Tucumcari.

Hospital Administrator Lance Labine says, "Not unlike many medical facilities weâ??re up against reduced funding from government and payer sources. Weâ??re up against being out here in the frontier and limited resources, and itâ??s a little difficult at times to recruit physicians.

Rural communities like Tucumcari have suffered through the drought, but their economic developmentã?? folks have put a greater emphasis on tourism. But an emphasis on tourism and the growing traffic on I-40 points to a growing need for healthcare.

Gresham says, "not only is it important to our local economy, but the people traveling through, we have lots of business off the interstate from people who become ill or injured on accidents on I-40.

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