School districts come together to tackle breast cancer

They are rivals on the field, but for one night, they're coming together to raise awareness for breast cancer. The student councils at Claude and Wellington High Schools have been planning an all-out pink night for their rivalry football game.

The teams from both schools are working together on that important cause because it's something they say affects almost everyone. Their efforts are being highlighted in this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report

"I think a lot of our kids they know what's going on because if you look around a lot of our families I know here at Claude have been affected through breast cancer. But even the students who haven't, it's important for them to know that it happens," said Morgan Little, Claude Student Council President.

It's because of that, the Claude and Wellington Student Councils have teamed up to create that breast cancer awareness atmosphere at their October 21st game at 7:30 p.m. Claude's football field will be painted pink, cheerleaders will use pink poms-poms, football players will have the pink ribbon of hope on their helmets, and the bands will have pink ribbons and bandanas. The crowds and students will also be wearing t-shirts and rubber wristbands designed by the student councils.

"My favorite part of the game will be that everyone is going to be involved not just the football players but our cheerleaders and the band, we're all having pink," said Victoria Kiker, Wellington Student Council Vice President.

"People close to you are affected by cancer everyday. And I think its neat to be able to come together and share our ideas and bring fresh ideas and get to come together and think of ideas to help raise awareness," said Rhae Harris, Wellington Student Council Member.

"They want their team to win, we want our team to win but we're going to team up for cancer that week," said Chris Campbell, Claude Student Council.

Even if you can't make it out to the game that night, you can still show your support by buying a t-shirt, they're $10.00 each. You can call Wellington ISD at 806-447-2527 or Claude ISD at 226-2191.

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