Santa visits foster and adopted children early this Christmas season

    On Saturday, Santa made a special appearance at Trinity Baptist Church to hear Christmas wishes of children of the foster care system (ABC 7 Amarillo - Morgan Burrell).

    The holiday season is in full swing. That means Saint Nick is making his list and checking it twice, but he still made sure to set aside time to make a special appearance at Trinity Baptist Church.

    While at the church, Santa heard Christmas wishes of children in the foster care system.

    "Merry Christmas to you too Santa," said Braxton Bonner, a kindergartener.

    It's not every day that kids have the opportunity to hang out with Kris Kringle, but foster children and adopted children with Buckner Amarillo did just that.

    “Holiday time and Christmas time and Thanksgiving are hard for our children. The reason for that is because they're not with their family," said Christian Garcia, adoptions regional director for Buckner children.

    Kids from all over the Panhandle had their chance to tell Santa what is on their Christmas wish-lists.

    "I mean there's a whole bunch of kids here from different areas that are this community's children and so it's exciting to see that they're coming together for this cause," said Garcia.

    The holiday season is when families continue traditions and surround themselves with loved ones, but for families in the foster care system, it is not that simple.

    Events like the one on Saturday can make the holidays easier for families who foster and adopt.

    "The moral support from each other, they get to sit in fellowship and meet other moms and dads walking the same journey," said Karissa Windgate, a volunteer at the Christmas party. "Their kids get to interact and they get to interact with staff from all over the region."

    It was an event that called on the entire Panhandle, including Girl Scout Troop 5449.

    "I know that they're foster kids and that they live with someone and they're coming here to do crafts," said Brownie Aeilynn Devore.

    Saturday's event is proof that foster and adoptive families have support, especially during the holiday season.

    "You know, when you know people like you and love you, your experience in life is totally different so this is huge for them," said Garcia.

    If you are looking to volunteer your time at events like this one, you can find more information on the Buckner International's website.

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