'Justice is going to happen & we're going to win,' Ruby Tequila's lawsuit moves forward

'Justice is going to happen & we're going to win,' Ruby Tequila's lawsuit moves forward (ABC 7 Amarillo)

A stay in the lawsuit brought against Fired Up Holding Company and several business partners was lifted Wednesday, allowing both parties to proceed.

"We're trying to make this case move as fast as humanly possible, as quick as we can, to get it resolved," Attorney Jeff Blackburn told ABC 7 News. "People are owed their money. This thing was wrong and the law is very clear on it. And we've got to get this case to a point where they get their money and get what's owed them," he continued.

On Monday, both parties gave the court a status report after a district judge dismissed Magdalena Baier, who is going through a bankruptcy filling.

"Magdalena Baier declared bankruptcy. The result of that is, legally when you do that it puts a stay on the whole case. So we let her go. And we wanted to let her go simply so we could keep moving forward," Blackburn explained.

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Attorney Ben Davidson, who represents defendants Dr. Gurdev Gill and Rajeev Gill, told ABC 7, "The Gills look forward to establishing that they had nothing to do with Ruby Tequila's and have done nothing wrong." Davidson further explained that Dr. Gill is a retired orthopedic surgeon and he and his son now invest in and develop commercial real estate. He noted that they do not own or manage restaurants and they do not handle restaurants' payrolls.

"The law says who's responsible. And they can point fingers all they want," Blackburn said. "Eventually all the excuses are going to go away and the truth is going to get laid bare, justice is going to happen and we're going to win," he declared.

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