Roofing companies seeing big business

Scott Green of Top of Texas Roofing has his hands full these days. He's not alone. Roofing companies are particularly busy since the destructive hail storm June 4th.

He says he receives anywhere from 250 to 300 calls a day.

He says the last reports he's seen, that was the worst hail storm in Amarillo history.

Top of Texas Roofing is highly rated on the Better Business Bureau website.

Janna Kiehl of the BBB says, "you're going to see two kinds of companies out there.

Those who are willing to help in a situation and those who are wanting to do harm.The only way to tell the difference is to go the BBB website and look at their review and rating."

Green says there's another way.

He says, "Call the City of Amarillo.

Talk to Building Safety and they can tell you when they applief for their permits and when they became an Amarillo roofer."

Tracy Honea says it's better to pick the local guys.

"There will be problems.

There will be call-backs.

Something may leak.

There may be troubleshooting.

You don't want to call some guy who's going to drive five hours to get here. The likelihood of him coming back is slim."

He says "referrals are wonderful..

That's definitely the way I would go."

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