Road to Recycling: Recycle-friendly residents and businesses

Despite not having a recycling program in the city of Amarillo, businesses like KB Recycling and Republic Services are still keeping busy.

"I've really tried to recycle for a while now," said Amarillo recycler Amanda Loftis. "I just always thought it was really important and it's amazing how little garbage I actually have to take out per week due to the amount of me recycling."

Longtime Amarillo resident Cathy Maddox agreed. "I recycle plastic, plastic bags, and aluminum cans for years."

Amarillo's geography has also played a factor in the way local residents recycle.

"It's a big town in the middle of nowhere, and we really have to be conscious of how we take care of the town," said Loftis. "We don't have a lot of outlets or resources since we are kind of in the middle of nowhere."

That's why larger businesses like Walmart and United Supermarkets, have teamed up with local services to make recycling more convenient for the community.

"We just wanted to make it a more convenient recycling option for the citizens of Amarillo," said Republic Services Site Manager Kim Vincent. "Since Walmart and United are major places that people visit, we though that they could drop off their recycling off before they go to the stores."

On Amarillo's historic 6th street, places like The 806 joined forces with Bracero's and Nest Interiors to split the cost of a KB Recycling cardboard dumpster to help reduce waste.

"We have little collection bins for plastic and our cardboard, and we have a big thing for our paper," said The 806 Owner Kim Vincent.

"We try to educate our customers as well as provide a place for them to recycle and be more aware of it."

"Anybody who generates a lot of cardboard, and they're mixing it with normal trash, it fills up their dumpster quick," said KB Recycling Co-Owner Jordy Finley. "So if we can provide a cardboard dumpster, they can reduce how many days their trash cans are being emptied."

According to b

usinesses in the recycling industry


their number one goal is to provide resources for recycle-friendly residents.

"We just need to be able to get the word out there that there are recycling options in Amarillo, you just have to know where to find them

," said Vincent.

Republic Services

803 S Garfield St.

Amarillo, TX

(806) 373-4481

KB Recycling

5772 Canyon Drive

Amarillo, TX 79109

(806) 418-4390

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