Road construction on Soncy will bring many improvements

TxDOT told ABC 7 News the construction on Soncy is in conjunction with all the changes also being made on I-40. (ABC 7 Amarillo - Lia Kamana)

Anyone who drives down Soncy has been dealing with construction for months.

But there is an end in sight now.

TxDOT told ABC 7 News the construction on Soncy is in conjunction with all the changes also being made on I-40.

The two projects will complement each other to help with the overall safety of our roads and to improve the flow of traffic.

"That is what we hope everyone takes away from when they see the orange cones everywhere. We hope that they realize those cones aren't a sign of delay, it's a sign that you need to slow down because they are in a construction zone, but it's a sign that there's an investment in their community," said TxDOT's Public Information Officer, Sonja Gross.

Perhaps the most noticeable change on Soncy are the new traffic lights. The new installments run from Hillside all the way to I-40.

"The driving public, what they are going to notice right away, once we get all the signal heads activated, is hopefully an improvement of the synchronization of the signal heads," said Gross.

This will allow for less stop and go.

"It's also going to allow us to adjust those signals during peak traffic times," said Gross. "So if we know we got heavier traffic at this intersection for example between 7:45 and 8 am, and we got the heavier traffic on Soncy or on 45th, we will be able to adjust those signals accordingly for those peak traffic times."

Sue Hudson is one resident looking forward to this improvement.

"It will be greatly appreciated. I think if they can get everything in sync, you know we don't have a large problem, but since they have added a lot of new stoplights, it's helped and if they do synchronize it, it will be great," said Hudson who lives right off of Soncy.

Raised medians are another thing drivers have probably noticed.

"I get questions all the time, 'why the raised median?' and it's to prevent those left turns which we all know are dangerous," said Gross. "Time and time again, raised medians have proven to increase safety."

For DJ Degrat, safety is one thing he's willing to put up with the traffic for.

"Right now it's a little bit of a hassle, but I guess if they are making everything safer I mean it always end out better," said Degrat who works right off of Soncy.

Soncy is not the only road where folks are experiencing construction induced traffic, but TxDOT hopes everyone can be patient with them.

"I think it will be great and it's really appreciated," said Hudson. "We are lucky to have a growing city so if we have to go through some hiccups to get there it's okay with me."

Other improvements include LED light bulbs in the traffic lights which help to cut costs, and improved pedestrian features such as new sidewalks and walk signals.

TxDOT is estimating construction on Soncy to be finished at the end of July.

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