River Road football team to support school's marching band

River Road High School's football team will show their school spirit at Saturday's marching band contest (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

When the River Road High School marching band performs on Saturday at the annual U-I-L band contest, the Wildcats band will have extra support. The varsity football program at River Road High School is planning to bus to Dick Bivins Stadium following their film session and cheer on the band.

“It’s not very often that this happens,” said Dustin Olson, band director at River Road High School. “I’ve taught at other high schools around Texas, so this is a first for me to have the football team come out and support the band.”

Families, friends and now the Wildcats football team including coaches will be in attendance. Head coach Bryan Welps tells ABC 7 News he got the idea from another football coach.

“I got this idea from a guy in Denver City,” said Bryan Welps, Athletic Director/football coach. “He did the same thing a few years ago and I thought it was a neat deal. I wanted to bring that here.”

Coach Welps tells ABC 7 News the kind gesture could become an annual tradition and maybe other sports teams might feel inclined to do the same thing.

“We’re not the only team working to achieve goals,” said Welps. “We want to be good in everything that we do and that’s what we’re doing in athletics. We know what the band is doing.”

“No matter if you’re wearing a football helmet or a band shako, you’re working hard on that field to put out a good product on Friday night,” said Olson. “They’re support matters and is really appreciated.”

The Wildcats band will perform three songs starting at 3:30 p.m. The football team has a game on Friday night and spends Saturday morning watching film. River Road band will compete in the 3-A division of high schools.

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