Reinvestment project lands Hobby Lobby for Pampa Mall

Major renovations are being planned for the Pampa Mall while new national and regional retailers are being recruited (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Since 1980, the Pampa Mall has offered a variety of shopping options for shoppers. During the mid to late 1990’s, tough economic times reduced the number of customers inside the mall to as low as one. In 2013, J&M Properties purchased the mall and has been leading the charge to revitalize the Pampa Mall.

A new partnership team is being formed after Foraker Company out of Oklahoma entered the picture and is behind a $2 million plus overhaul project that includes recruiting new retail and renovating the inside and outside of the mall.

“It took somebody and it’s going to take a Hobby Lobby that is a huge draw to help get the ball rolling,” said Jason Bagwell, the owner of Pampa Mall. “We will pull in shoppers from Canadian, Wheeler, Miami and other outer lying communities to draw people to Pampa again and shop. We want them to come here and shop like it was in the 1980’s.”

Currently the Pampa Mall is at 53 percent occupancy with 13 tenants. The game plan is to have more than 80 percent occupancy by next year in November.

“Instead of having 40 to 50 small spaces were going to have like 15 to 20 larger spaces with larger national retail and local retailers,” said Bagwell.

The current lay-out of the Pampa Mall is 251,000 square feet. Plans are in the works to improve the curbside appeal with new features to draw more folks to shop and dine.

“I have been praying that the mall will begin to grow and prosper,” said Patsy Bright, a Pampa resident. “It will make a difference in Pampa, Texas, and surrounding areas. When I found out that Hobby Lobby is coming I was like: ‘Wow your kidding me.’”

“People in the outline towns that come through here, you know they want to shop in Pampa,” said Bagwell. “We have to give them that opportunity to give them places to shop. That’s what this project is all about.”

Bagwell tells ABC 7 News once the new Hobby Lobby opens it will employ between 30 and 40 people. The new Hobby Lobby is going in where K-Mart use to be on the north end of the Pampa Mall. Preliminary plans are to have the new Hobby Lobby open by August of 2018.

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