Recent weather brings thriving cotton crops in the Texas Panhandle

Recent weather brings thriving cotton crops in the Texas Panhandle (File Photo).

It is cotton harvest time in the Texas Panhandle.

ABC 7 news spoke with experts who say this season is better than years in the past. It is better in terms of volume, but as far as price goes, it is down this year.

"This is going to be the largest crop we've ever seen," said Keith Mixon, Carson County Gin General Manager. "And for the northern part of the high plains of Texas, it's astronomical. This I-40 North will see over a million bales this year."

Mixon has been in the cotton industry for about 40 years. He says though the area will be producing a lot of cotton, the price is down.

"The yields are very good this year, the quality is pretty good, it's just the price is 5 to 7 cents off of last year," said Mark Urbanczyk, cotton farmer.

Right now, it is at about 68 cents a pound and most farmers would like to see it at 80 cents. But as far as weather goes, it is looking good to finish out the harvest.

"The good sunshine and weather is a God send," said Mixon. "We couldn't ask for better harvest weather right now today. Hopefully these growers will be able to get it out and then we'll be able to process it and get it ginned."

Harvest could go into January and as of right now the weather is looking dry.

"You have a lot of unknowns," said Urbanczyk. "Farming is getting very tough and very tight right now. Cotton is kind of one of the only crops that's working right now."

He says if there is an ice storm, it will ruin the cotton. He is hoping for clear weather moving forward.

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