Randall County Republican Headquarters accepting political yard signs

Randy Schuster, chief building official for the city of Amarillo, said it does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, you must remove the signs at some point. (ABC 7 Amarillo - Morgan Burrell).

Following an intense election year, thousands and thousands of campaign signs can be found around area neighborhoods. When driving around the day after the election, it is easy to see these signs still clutter neighborhood streets.

According to Randy Schuster, Chief Building Official for the city of Amarillo, these posters cannot stay out forever. Schuster said it does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, you must remove your political signs at some point.

"You have 30 days from the election to remove the signs," said Schuster. "That is December 6th."

For people who do not know what to do with these signs, that is not a lot of time.

"Most people go to the yard, pull it up, and throw it in the trash," said Judy Jackman, Treasurer of the Randall County Republican Party.

Jackman said the Potter-Randall Republican Headquarters will take the signs that residents cannot display after December 6th.

"We would love for people to drop their signs off and we'll recycle them so they don't have to go to the landfill," said Jackman.

Jackman said it does not matter what party you are affiliated with, her office will take Republican and Democratic candidate signs.

"We feel more responsible for the Ted Cruz signs because those are the ones we gave out," said Jackman. "But we still have an issue with the Beto signs going into the landfill, so we're certainly not going to tell them that we won't take them."

Schuster said if you choose to leave your signs out on your private property past 30 days after the election, there are consequences.

"It would have to remain in violation for several weeks and after a couple of notices before it might go to municipal court for a possible fine," said Schuster.

This is a consequence that Schuster said the city does not normally have to enforce.

"If it's there after 30 days, we will reluctantly send a letter of notice of violation and that's all it takes usually to get compliance," said Schuster

Signs can be dropped off at the Republican Party-Randall County Headquarters off 21st Street and Western during regular business hours.

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