Randall County issues new murder-for-hire warrant against Billy Ivy, Jr.

Billy Glenn Ivy, Jr. is now facing a sixth murder-for-hire charge. (Photo Courtesy: Randall County Sheriff's Office)

Billy Glenn Ivy, Jr., of Amarillo, is now facing a sixth murder-for-hire charge.

Court documents in Randall County state that a warrant was issued for Ivy on Monday. They also state that Ivy was in jail on Thursday when he asked another Randall County inmate to kill his wife's alleged lover.

An Amarillo police officer is said to have witnessed Ivy asking the other inmate to commit the murder.

Ivy also faces five other murder-for-hire charges in both Randall and Potter counties, as well as charges for arson and tampering with a witness.

He was already convicted of a weapons charge and sentenced to 41 months in prison.

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