Randall County Election offers liquor option on ballot

Randall County election offers liquor option on ballot that will effect nearly all of Precinct 1, if passed. (ABC 7 Amarillo- File photo).

The Texas Country Store is one store that's already thinking about what this new law could do for business.

"If it passes it will open up a lot more opportunities, or at least level the playing field," Texas Country Store owner, Glenn Anderson said. "The closest stores nearby have a pretty good advantage, you know, they can give other things away at costs, because they make their money selling beer."

However, Anderson says it won't be a simple transition.

I'll have to add on, put in a walk-in cooler, and spend lots more money," Anderson said.

If the off-premise alcohol law passes, it will allow alcohol to be sold in nearly all of precinct 1, which can be seen on the map from the Randall County Election Office's website.

"It's basically the loop south to the county line," Randall County Elections Administrator, Shannon Lackey said.

This law will change things for places like convenience stores or even gas stations.

"It couldn't just be a restaurant, or something like that," Lackey said. "You actually have to be able to walk in, purchase it and then walk out."

In the grand scheme of things, making the shift could help the entire county financially.

There is a Randall County Assistance District that does receive a percentage of sales tax that is generated outside of the city limits," Lackey said. "so if somebody did want to put in a convenience store or business that sold beer or wine, the county would benefit from that."

Lackey says there are over 18,000 registered voters in precinct 1, that will be able to vote on this.

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