Puppies abandoned in filthy, soiled cardboard box

Puppies abandoned in dirty, soiled cardboard box. (Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society)

The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society alerted the community on Facebook Tuesday, to a disturbing problem they are faced with regularly.

An unknown person dropped off 6-week-old puppies on the door step of the Animal Management and Welfare building in a cardboard box, with less than favorable living conditions.

In the photos posted by the humane society, a soiled surface with a few sheets of newspaper, trash and a water container are shown.

The organization wrote, "This happens regularly and when it does, it not only risks the puppies' lives, but also the rest of the lives here on the compound that so many people work very hard to try and save: it spreads disease and contributes to the overpopulation problem."

Earlier this year, the shelter reached full capacity and hit a critical level that put animals at risk of being euthanized. One solution the humane society stands by is spay and neutering pets to combat animal overpopulation.

Currently, they offer spay and neuter discount options that are available in their office.

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