Potter County Sheriff's Office warns of new phone scam

A new phone scam has been reported in Potter County. (File Photo)

A new phone scam has been reported by the Potter County Sheriff's Office.

PCSO officials said an unknown source has been making calls to residents in Potter County, claiming they are with the Sheriff's Office and that the resident has failed to appear for a jury summons and a warrant is out for their arrest.

According to the PCSO, the caller asks the resident for personal information such as their full name, address and date of birth. The scammer then instructs the resident to purchase a Green Dot money card, or a similar card which will be used as payment to release the warrant.

Upon purchase of the money care, the resident is instructed to give the security code off the back of the card and the scammer is able to access the funds and is having residents purchase money cards in various amounts.

Authorities want residents to know that this is a SCAM and Potter County Jury Services and the Potter County Sheriff's Office will not ask for any kind of payment over the phone.

PCSO would also like to remind the community to not give personal information or payment of any kind over the phone without verifying the request.

The scammed phone numbers are (806) 370-5136 and (806) 318-4119.

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