Police: Facebook scam demands money, nude photos

Police: Facebook scam demands money, nude photos. (File photo)

The Panhandle Police Department issued a warning on Facebook to alert residents of a scam targeting the community on the social media platform.

According to Panhandle PD, the victim will receive a friend request on Facebook from a Maria Williams from Odessa, Texas. Once accepted, the scammer will demand "nude or semi-nude pictures or video and tell you that if you do not comply, a member of your family may be harmed, then post a picture of this family member."

The elaborate scam continues by demanding money to be sent via a Walmart Pharmacy to an address in Mali. The scammer threatens that the photos the victims sent will be posted online or sent to someone they know if they refuse to send the money.

Panhandle PD explained that the scammer is using the information made public with the victim's Facebook profile to con them out of their money. Authorities suggest removing personal information, such as birthday, address and phone numbers, or changing profile privacy settings to protect against being targeted.

Victims or anyone with concerns is asked to call Panhandle Police Department at 806-537-3225.

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