People join 'March for our lives' movement in Amarillo

Marchers line the steps of the Potter County Court House to take a stand against gun violence. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

"Enough, is enough!," a crowd of marchers in Downtown Amarillo chanted.

People have said these words before, and they're saying them again.

"We want action! No more thoughts and prayers!," The crowd chanted.

This time may be different. Different because the youth is demanding change this time around.

"We want action!," the crowd chanted again while lined on the steps of the Potter County Courthouse.

Marcher Jesus Troncozo is one of several invested students. He feels that voices collectively aren't being heard.

"We all have a personal connection because it affects our futures," Troncozo said.

Angel Contreras feels the same.

"Thoughts and prayers, they're not getting us anywhere as a Country," Contreras said.

And Contreras is on a journey to get voices heard. Doing so, by leading as one of the youth organizers for today's movement here in Amarillo.

"I really hope this gets out there, to see that Texas is having Marches," Contreras said.

When asked what's was going through his mind during the March, Contreras said he was feeling a rush of emotions.

"Right now I'm feeling very passionate, and very proud of my community for doing this," Contreras said.

Some throughout the community, too are proud.

"One day our son will be like you!," One Mother marching said to Contreras, as she stepped off to the side to take a picture with him.

This mother among others, is proud to have leading youth like Contreras who are standing up for what they believe in.

Emotions are spilling out through the mouth, into the microphone and straight to the hearts of crowd members outside of the Marches destination on the Potter County Court House lawn.

At one point, leaders spoke to the crowd reading off names of those who have died from school shootings. This was followed by a hit to a drum after every name was read to honor, and remember the lost ones.

In the midst of demanding change, comes conflict. During today's March, one man who appeared to be in opposition of the march came up on the outdoor stage. Police Officers quickly approached the man to keep him from potentially turning the peaceful march into something different.

The man was not violent, and proceeded to chant with the crowd, "No more violence!," As he assured police he wasn't causing major distuption.

In the end, what matters is people being able to respect others for their opinions, all working toward a common goal of finding a solution.

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