Partners make plans to revamp old abandoned St. Anthony's building

The old St. Anthony building sits abandoned on the corner of Amarillo Boulevard and Polk Street. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

The abandoned St. Anthony's building has been an eyesore for quite a while now.

"Like right there, we're like two blocks from the building," said Amarillo neighbor Roberto Zacarias.

Zacarias lives with a direct view of the building.

"There's nothing there," he said. "It's just like a spot, like an abandoned spot."

Knowing someone is looking to bring life back to it, is exciting from him.

"Amarillo has been growing a lot," he said. " And I've been always wanting it to get big around downtown, which is where I live," Zacarias said.

President of the Board of the St. Anthony's Redevelopment Corporation, Mary Emeny said they're wanting to create a multipurpose center that the entire community can benefit from.

"There are some wide big open spaces that will be great for community meetings, for education programs, for all kinds of things," said Mary Emeny.

Now a site for trash, glass, squatters and vandalism, Emeny said their biggest priority right now is securing the property.

"Once we get it secured, then we can start cleaning out the inside and then we can start looking at what the next step after that," said Emeny. "And that is to start doing an inventory of what's in there."

She said taking on this challenge, without a set source of funding is worth it for all that it will be for its neighbors.

"I think for the whole community, that's been such an energy sink for so long," said Emeny. "Everybody is excited about bringing some life back in that part of the world."

With it being such a new project, community input is being taken.

"A gym...that could be perfect," said Zacarias.

And the sky may just be the limit for what building becomes.

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