Parents needed for Adopt-A-Student program at FPC

The people behind operating the Adopt-A-Student program at Frank Phillips College are recruiting more sets of volunteer parents (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

The Adopt-A-Student program at Frank Phillips College in Borger is up and running again. The program launched around eight years ago. A renewed interest in the program in 2016 started when Ricky Garza at First Baptist Church in Borger made a push to help revive the program.

The program helps assist students from out of the area or students from international countries. The students are given an opportunity to spend time with adoptive parents.

“They always come to my games,” said Hannah Leavitt, student at Frank Phillips College. “They help me get through finals and tough tests. They give me a place to study and they provide meals whenever I need them and it also gives me another place to call home.”

“Being far away from home (Brownsville, Texas) I have benefited from the program. The parents do things like fill up my gas tank in my car and have my car get inspections to make sure I can make a long drive home safely. It takes about 12 hours to get home and they help keep me safe, so my mom can worry less, I guess.”

Many of the parents are empty nesters, so they open their homes to students and provide extra parental care seven days a week. Volunteer parent Gayle White tells ABC 7 News it makes a difference in a student’s life.

“They come to our house at least once a week and we feed them supper,” said Gayle White. “They will bring over friends and we feed them too. Sometimes we have as many as seven students at a time at our house. We take them chicken noodle soup when they get sick.”

The program is not a huge financial commitment, however it’s a commitment to helping to make a difference in a student’s life. The program is coordinated by the College Ministry of First Baptist Church of Borger.

“It’s super important this year because I didn’t want to be about First Baptist Borger, I want it to be about our community,” said Ricky Garzon, pastor and program co-director. These college students just need that extra help.”

“It’s fun to have the younger generation in the home again,” said White. “We play games and watch television and watch a movie with them. They take naps on our couch so it’s a lot like having our own children back home.”

Currently there are 60 students matched up with 25 sets of parents. More parents are needed. If interested email a request to Dr. Deborah Johnson at or mail a request to P.O. Box 5118, Borger, Texas 79008. For more information about the Adopt-A-Student program call (806) 273-5621.

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