Panhandle community searches for evidence regarding Thomas Brown's disappearance

    Community members join forces to help search for evidence to help find out what happened to Thomas Brown.  (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

    Hours of searching, leads to the discovery of a school book, iPhone 5, small caliber pistol pouch and clothing items that may help uncover what happened to Thomas Brown.

    "It's great to have my team that has nine sets of eyes, but then you put the towns people out here, we got 130 more sets of eyes," Senior Investigator, Phillip Klein said.

    Although he says this search was strictly evidence driven, some areas prove more difficult to search than others.

    "We have 10 teams of 10 and then we have support teams of 25 more," Klein said.

    Investigators say some areas with steeper terrain and tougher conditions are the most difficult to search along the road. As you walk down the terrain in one area, there's an area where a great deal of trash is collected. This site is what investigators call a trash collection area, and it could contain key pieces of evidence that may have been washed down by the rain.

    "When you do what we call terrain searches, the first thing you learn very quickly is that water can carry things pretty far," Klein said.

    True commitment to a careful search is what Klein says shows true compassion.

    "I just think any of us, would do anything to help figure this out," One volunteer said.

    "It's what you do when somebody in your community is hurting, is try to help them," Another volunteer said.

    All potential evidence has been marked and flagged, leaving the community hopeful and united in this difficult time of uncertainty.

    "We're just really thankful that people in our community and the surrounding area would come out and help us out," Thomas Brown's Mother, Penny Meek said.

    "We just get up every day and put one foot in front of the other, and hope that something surfaces to help solve the case," Thomas Brown's Step Father, Chris Meek said.

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