Pampa ISD locks down Jr. High after text message threat

Authorities investigating the possible text message threat at Pampa ISD (Photo Courtesy: ABC 7 Viewer)

Pampa Junior High School was on lockdown around 12 p.m. on Friday afternoon after a possible threat through a text message.

"It is scary with everything that's going on," said Joanna Machado. "It upsets me as a mom because kids are taking this way over the limit."

Machado is the parent of a high schooler and 6th grader at Pampa Junior High School.

According to Pampa Independent School District officials, the school went on lockdown to provide staff and local law enforcement the opportunity to investigate.

Police learned quickly that there was no threat and the information was what could be described as "a misunderstanding." Just for extra precaution, law enforcement officials swept the building and gave the all-clear.

Machado's son was inside the school, but didn't know what was happening until she texted him to see if he was okay.

"First he was like come pick me up, and I'm like no everything is okay, everything is under control, you're going to finish school and right now, we're just driving to the store and I'm said let me go pick him up because he was kind of scared," said Machado.

District officials said the school and law enforcement have completed the investigation at this time. The junior high school resumed normal schedules around 1 p.m.

Pampa ISD said student and staff safety is the number one priority and with any potential threat, will investigate.

Machado suggests parents be more involved with their children in hopes of limiting the number of threats and lockdowns.

"I talk to them and I know who they are, so when I see they're sad or when I see something is going on, I go talk to them to find out what's going on. I think us as parents we should be aware of what's going on with them first," said Machado.

Pampa ISD officials posted information on social media before sending a call out to all parents.

It's a decision some online aren't happy with.

But Machado said she has faith in the school district and police to keep her children safe and well taken care of.

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