Ongoing cross controversy sparking new debate

    A cross displayed off of US 287 is one of over 50 placed throughout the city of Clarendon.

    The ongoing cross controversy in Clarendon has been causing quite a stir lately with some residents fighting for them to be taken down. Recently, the issue was discussed at a city council meeting with one resident asking for a sign ordinance to be passed for future signs or crosses. Right now there are more than 50 crosses placed in front of restaurants and residential areas throughout Clarendon. Some argue the number of crosses is overbearing. However without any type of ordinance this kind of public display is completely legal.

    "You know you can't limit things on spreading the word for Jesus cause there's just never enough, just like bibles or anything else," said resident, Buddy James.

    A decision wasn't made at the most recent city council meeting, but has sparked a new conversation within the area. While this isn't something new for the area, many say the number of crosses being put up has been increasing.

    "I mean I did hear the comment that one mother when she pulled into a restaurant said no she wasn't going to let the kids out. She had stopped to eat here before, but all these signs and crosses around the restaurant kind of scared her," said resident, Sharron Winfrey.

    We reached out to the mayor's office to find out if any type of decision or ordinance will be passed in the near future. However, his office declined to comment saying this issue is highly controversial.

    However, many businesses along US 287 say they aren't bothered by the crosses and believe there's more to this than meets the eye.

    "I'd like to keep them up, I would cause I think they serve a purpose and that's Jesus," said James.

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