No Boundaries International, a non-profit, gives away free clothes from closet

No Boundaries International, a non-profit, gives away free clothes for needy. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

In Mary Donlon's eyes, an Amarillo No Boundaries International volunteer, there's more to Kimberly's closet than just the clothes, shoes and other items. It's a place where healing happens, and where struggling people know they're not alone.

"A lot of times it's people that I've come to know, and sometimes somebody new will come in so it's an opportunity to meet someone new," Donlon said.

A closet set out to have a boutique feel, gives its shoppers the chance to find exactly what they need.

"Everybody likes nice things, they like to look nice, and it's easy for them to come in here and put an outfit together," Donlon said.

Kimberly's Closet organizer Pam Vaughn says there are volunteer personal shoppers that are there to uplift and make their clients feel good.

"A person will call and say I need emergency clothing, I have a new job, I'd like clothes for my job, or I'm homeless or just got out of jail," Vaughn said. "We can give them a full set of new clothes from the inside out."

A typical shopping experience here gives customers the chance to talk about what they're going through while they shop, if they choose to do so.

"In that dark place, they begin to think there is no hope," Vaughn said. "Our purpose is to show them that they are loved, and that we can help them."

With love and faith as their foundation, Kimberly's closet says its their duty to serve.

"It's not about who we are, where we live, what kind of car we drive, it's about one human being reaching out to another, and that's why we're here," Donlon said.

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