NM Attorney General announces ideas to fight sex trafficking


Over lunch and intimate conversation, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas addressed plans to fight sex trafficking.

"There are so many things that you hear that go on," said Laura Leal, a business owner.

Leal said sex trafficking is a real problem she has seen all too often.

"With all of the people that I employ, and I see what they go through, they have children," Leal said. "It's just really important that public safety is what we need to protect the children and protect everyone."

In order to protect, Balderas said it will take community-wide efforts.

"It's important to educate consumers and create digital citizens where we use technology to better protect our families," Balderas said.

Balderas said his office is partnering with tech companies like Comcast to fight sex trafficking by being more digital savvy.

"Partnering with great companies and communities, and protecting children and using technology to protect children is my number one priority," he said.

Balderas admits things have slipped through the cracks in the past.

"We don't always have the best communication, the best infrastructure, so we will have sometimes a breakdown between law enforcement, public schools and CYFD," Balderas said.

That is why he said he is even more committed to making firm changes on both a state and national level.

"We are now investigating national companies who may be inappropriately monetizing or profiting off of child exploitation," he said.

Leal said she is confident in efforts Balderas is making.

"I just feel like he's on the right track to do what we need," she said.

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