New scholarship opportunities available at OPSU

Students majoring in education or wind energy at OPSU in Goodwell, Oklahoma will soon have financial help available thanks to a large donation (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) announced on Friday it received a $150,000 gift from Enel Green Power North America (EGP-NA). The largest donation by a single wind energy company is going to create new scholarship opportunities.

“I think we’re going to use this particular gift to work with other wind energy companies that will help us build an endowment,” said Dr. Tim Faltyn, President of OPSU. “Anybody from here that wants to work in this industry is going to be able to do great things.”

“The state of Oklahoma is number two in the United States for wind production,” said Randy Coble, EGP-NA assistant site supervisor. “I think this will give people the opportunity to get an education in a demanding industry that will continue to grow both within the state as well as within the country.”

“Right now, wind energy is exploding in the Panhandle,” said Casey Murdock, State Rep. Oklahoma District 61. “For all parties involved to utilize this industry to train workers is just tremendous.”

Faltyn tells ABC 7 News by partnering with a global company that operates in the renewable energy sector in foreign countries producing solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy the possibilities are endless. The agreement also helps combat the lack of qualified teachers in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

“This is a partnership between Oklahoma Career Tech and an Oklahoma University and an out of state company,” said Faltyn. “This is all coming together. This is going to make our region one of the best and most recognizable in this industry.”

The agreement is for three years with Enel Green Power North America funding Pathways to Success and Panhandle’s Future Scholarship programs.

Enel Green Power is the largest producer of wind power in Oklahoma operating ten-wind power plants across the state.

OPSU’s enrollment is 1,157 students and Faltyn tells ABC 7 News the university had its first enrollment increase since 2007.

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