New red light camera intersections coming to Amarillo

Red light camera intersections are marked with these signs. (By: Niccole Caan, KVII)

Drivers will soon see changes to red light camera intersections in Amarillo. The city council approved seven new locations for the cameras Tuesday. They include:

  • Taylor & 10th (WB)
  • Grand & I40 (NFR WB)
  • Buchanan & 3rd (WB)
  • Grand & I40 (NFR SB)
  • Pierce & Amarillo Blvd (SB)
  • Bell & Plains (NB)
  • Georgia & 26th (NB)

Those cameras will be functional in June.

The city is still deciding if drivers will get a grace period for tickets at the new red light camera intersections.

"Originally back in 2009 there was a 30 day grace period, but I'm not sure if that will happen with these or not,” said Michael Padilla, the City of Amarillo’s transportation superintendent. “That will be a decision we'll have to discuss and see if we allow that or not."

Cameras will also be removed from four current intersections. Cameras will be taken down at:

  • Coulter & Elmhurst (NB & SB)
  • Pierce &11th (SB)
  • Amarillo Blvd. & Fillmore (WB)

Five current red light camera intersections will remain at:

  • S. Ross St. & E I40 (SFR)
  • W I40 (NFR) & Coulter St.
  • Amarillo Blvd & Tascosa Rd/Gem Lake
  • Amarillo Blvd & N. Pierce St.
  • S. Taylor St. & S.E. 10th Ave.

Amarillo will now have a total of 12 red light camera intersections.

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