New Mexico Police released more information about officer involved shooting in Portales

New Mexico Police release more information about officer involved shooting in Portales (File Photo)

The New Mexico State Police have released more information involving the officer-involved shooting in Portales.

According to the New Mexico State Police press release, "Roosevelt County Sheriff Malin Parker, pursued the suspect onto the field. Sheriff Parker later explained in an interview Mr. McFarlin was driving erratically and almost struck the vehicle of a motorist."

Roosevelt County Sheriff Malin Parker explained he used his department-issued shot-gun and attempted to shoot out McFarlin's tires, but was unsuccessful.

"Mr. McFarlin then accelerated and Sheriff Parker, in fear Mr. McFarlin was going to strike the motoring public or bystanders, shot Mr. McFarlin through the rear window striking him in the back of the head." According to the press release.

McFarlin was sent to the Roosevelt General Hospital for emergency treatment and later transferred to University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX and is in stable condition.

Sheriff Parker has been the Roosevelt County Sheriff for three years and is an 18-year-veteran of law enforcement.

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