New EMT course aims to fill gap of certified EMT's in Borger

Students at Borger High School have the opportunity to take a new course that will provide them with skills to become an EMT (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Students at Borger High School interested in pursuing a career in the medical field now have a new option. The school has partnered with ACAL (Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning) to offer an EMT class for students.

"This week we have learned about the heart and the cardiac system," said Ansley Dawson, student. "It's important to know the different chambers of the heart because if you don’t know the different chambers you can diagnose the person with the wrong information."

"We're learning about the heart right now," said Malcolm Hernandez, student. "We are learning about the muscles in it like different arteries and veins and stuff like that."

The class started from a conversation between school officials and Don Bates the CEO of the Golden Plains Community Hospital in Borger. Bates, expressed concern over a lack of trained medical professionals that are from Borger working in the area.

"Hopefully these students will go to school and become EMT's," said Matt Ammerman, Pincipal at Borger H.S. "We want them to hopefully settle back down in the county after college and serve the community that way."

Students taking the EMT Class tell ABC 7 News, there are two key benefits. One is to earn six college credit hours from Amarillo College. The second is knowing their being trained in a field where they can in turn help the community.

"I just want to be helpful," said Hernandez. "I want to help take care of people. My little brother has diabetes so I just want to help people."

"I want to go to college and become a registered nurse and work in the ER Department," said Dawson. "Thanks to the EMT class it is helping me get prepared for any medical field I want to go into."

It is the hope of the high school administration that the EMT class will continue to grow and will eventually help fill one of the needs of the local health care industry. The course cost each student between $600 and $800 depending on their age and if they can take the test required for students 18 and older.

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