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Mysterious 'object' caught on camera at Amarillo Zoo, Do you know what it is?

(Courtesy: City of Amarillo)
(Courtesy: City of Amarillo)
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A mysterious "object" was caught on camera at the Amarillo Zoo. The city is asking for help to identify it.

Around 1:25 a.m. on May 21, security cameras inside a perimeter fence at the zoo "captured a strange image."

"Was it a person with a strange hat who likes to walk at night? A large coyote on its hind legs? A Chupacabra? It is a mystery – for Amarillo to help solve," said the city.

Until the city has a better explanation, it is being called a Unidentified Amarillo Object (UAO).

“We just want to let the Amarillo community have some fun with this,” said City of Amarillo Director of Parks and Recreation Michael Kashuba. “It is important to note that this entity was outside the Amarillo Zoo. There were no signs of attempted entry into the zoo. No animals or individuals were harmed. There were no signs of criminal activity or vandalism.

“It is definitely a strange and interesting image. Maybe Amarillo can help solve the mystery of our UAO.”

Think you know what it is? Email the city's communications office at

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