More red light cameras go to Amarillo city council for approval

Red light cameras at Pierce and 11th Ave. (KVII, Niccole Caan)

Drivers get ready to smile because you're likely to be caught by more red light cameras on Amarillo's city streets.

The Photographic Traffic Signal Enforcement Citizen Advisory Committee voted Thursday to recommend the removal of four of the current nine cameras to city council.

Those cameras include:

  • S. Coulter St. & Elmhurst Dr. (northbound)
  • S. Coulter St. & Elmhurst Dr. (southbound)
  • S. Pierce St. & S.E. 11th Ave.
  • S. Fillmore St. & Amarillo Blvd.

The committee said it is removing cameras at these locations because they have done their jobs and there are no longer a lot of accidents at them.

“Frankly they are safe intersections that don’t need the enforcement any longer,” said Steve Rogers, the committee chair.

The committee suggested removing two of the highest revenue generating cameras, at S. Coulter St. and Elmhurst Dr. because of the low accident rates.

The City of Amarillo will, however; continue to monitor the accident rates at these intersections to see if they increase once the cameras are gone.

The committee also voted to add another seven cameras at different locations. This means drivers could see 12 cameras at eight intersections in total.

Cameras could come to these intersections:

  • S. Taylor St. & S.E. 10th Ave. (westbound)
  • S. Grand St. & I40 (north frontage road, westbound)
  • S. Grand St. & I40 (north frontage road, southbound)
  • S. Buchanan St. & S.E. 3rd Ave
  • S. Pierce St. & Amarillo Blvd. (southbound)
  • S. Bell St. and Plains Blvd.
  • S. Georgia St. & S.W. 26th Ave.

Cameras would remain at the following intersections:

  • S. Taylor St. & S.E. 10th Ave. (southbound)
  • Pierce St. & Amarillo Blvd. (westbound)
  • Tascosa Rd. & Amarillo Blvd.
  • S. Coulter St. & I40 (north frontage road, westbound)
  • Ross St. & I40 (south frontage road, northbound)

The committee chair said the group considered only one factor when deciding to increase the number of red light cameras.

"Cameras at intersections is very much in keeping with the current stats that would indicate the safety of the driving public is enhanced by those extra cameras,” said Rogers. “The driving public is safer when these photo enforcement cameras are in place and we have plenty of intersections around town that would be considered dangerous enough to have photo enforcement.”

The cameras still need approval from city council and TXDOT. The earliest they would be in place is spring of next year.

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