Moore County Sheriff's Office taking charge of protecting Sunray


The City of Sunray is without a police force after all of its active duty officers were recently arrested.

First, the former Sunray Police Chief Timothy Dean was arrested and charged for a double homicide. Next, Sunray Police Officer Bron Bohlar was arrested and charged with conspiracy to the same second degree murder. And lastly, the acting Sunray Police Chief Joseph Flores was arrested for tampering with government documents.

Now, the Moore County Sheriff's Office says it's their duty to step up for Sunray.

The Moore County Sheriff's office said they have three officers per shift, 12 total, at its office. But officers said they aren't hesitating to extend resources to help protect and serve Sunray.

“The citizens of Sunray are also citizens of Moore County," said a Moore County officer. "So we owe it to them to provide them with coverage when their department is lacking officers.”

The Moore County Sheriff's office said it covers unincorporated areas in Moore County, and now Sunray.

“What they do is they go and answer any call for service that happens in the county. Any investigation that happens, they are the primary units that are on the scene," said Moore County Deputy, Jace Delgado.

ABC 7 asked Delgado if this puts a strain on things for them.

“Taking on Sunray, of course it’s another town that we have to take care of," said Delgado.

He admits it is more responsibility, but said they do have help from other agencies.

“In this case, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the troopers, and the highway patrolmen are going to handle all traffic investigations and traffic accidents that occur within the city limits of Sunray," said Delgado.

According to Delgado, cities within Moore County like Dumas and Cactus, that have its own police departments, will help take some of the slack off. Regardless though, Delgado said they're happy to help as long as they can.

“We’re going to do that until Sunray reevaluates their situation and comes up with the best outcome—best solution that they can for the citizens of Sunray and the citizens of Moore County," said Delgado.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office said this is the first time they've ever had to take on protecting another town.

Editor's note: None of the reserve officers for Sunray are associated with the alleged crimes.

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