Midway prepares students for life after high school

Midway Alternative High School students attended workshops to prepare them for life after graduation. (ABC 7 Amarillo - Tatiana Toomer)

Midway Alternative High School hosted a college and career fair for their students at the Region 16 Education Service Center today. The school focuses on juniors and seniors at risk of not graduating high school. The school's principal told ABC 7 News today, once enrolled, they make sure each one of their students graduate.

"They all graduate, we don't let them drop out," said Shawn Neeley, Midway Alternative High School Principal.

Students participated in mock interviews, attended workshops about college life and military careers. Midway currently serves less than 60 students in Canyon Independent School District, and one student raved the student-teacher ratio has improved her academics.

"I used to go to Randall and I had a graduating class of almost four-hundred. I transferred to Midway and they know you personally. If you don't show up for a class, they get worried that you're okay and they you're going to show up, that you are dedicated to what you want to do. They care so much about their students," explained Amanda Buckley, student.

Local businesses like, Toot-N-Totum, Potter County Sheriff Department and Bell Helicopter, set up booths for students looking to get into the workforce. Neeley pointed out, some students want to dive straight into their careers after graduation.

"The expo is a program that we set up to educate the students on the four different pathways that they have after high school. We really push our students to understand a minimum wage job is a great job for a high school student that's trying to get gas money, or date money, but they're going to need to be able to make more that in order to live," Neeley said.

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