Midway Alternative High School offers students a second chance

Midway Alternative High School is in it's fifth year. It's a school for at risk kids in the Canyon Independent School District. The stories these students tell are one's of overcoming obstacles.

Over the past four years, Midway Alternative High School has graduated 150 at risk students. For school officials they said they wear that number with pride and continue to push for more. Pronews 7 is featuring the school in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

For those students who attend Midway, many have stories of growing up too soon, facing issues like homelessness.

"There are a number of our kids that have not been handed the best hand dealt to them. We have educated and took care of and love kids that are pregnant, have had babies, baby daddy's, students that have been in gangs and trying to get out of it. Homeless kids we have kids that are sleeping in their pickups and yet they turn around and come to school," said Midway Principal, Shawn Neeley.

"I was always into drugs then once I got on probation, I went to K2. So I was in Randall that's where all my using peers were at I couldn't got back because I was in and out of juvie multiple times," said Midway Alternative High School Junior, Beronica Chavez.

For students they say they're striving in a smaller classroom with students who lift them up and don't bring in that peer pressure to do wrong.

"I get more work done then I was at my previous school. I don't have people playing around, laughing, talking, interrupting the teacher, it's better than previous year," said Midway Alternative High School Junior, Tremayne Driskell.

"We all have the emotional scars. And so we don't judge each other if you've been through something we're not going to say, Oh you've made those decisions so that makes you a bad person. Well, you grew from it and are moving on and that's why you came to Midway," said Midway Alternative High School, Senior Charlsey Hubbard.

Neeley said Midway's class sizes are anywhere from 10 to 15 students, while in a normal school setting that number is 30 to 35.

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