Microburst blows through Sunray, wreaks havoc

This was the scene Thursday morning in Sunray as a microurst caused widespread damage.


fierce microburst wreaked havoc and caused heavy damage throughout the small town of Sunray Wednesday night.

City Manager Greg Smith said the storm caused structure damage, downed powerlines and flooding. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Residents described the destruction as tornado-like but Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh said it was actually caused by a microburst.

"It was a microburst at about 10:30 last night," Kersh said. "It was downburst winds coming from a dissipating thunderstorm."

Microbursts are infamous for causing widespread damage because of the straight line winds associated with them, Kersh said.

At least one semi truck was flipped by the storm and a church that was building a new addition suffered severe damage.

Sunray has a population just under 2,000 and is located in the northern Texas Panhandle.

Pronews 7's Lindsey Stiner contributed to this report from Sunray.

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